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Entertain Your Mood

How Moodfish Works

Entertain Your Mood

Moodfish works when you're in the mood to go out but can't put a finger on where exactly you should go.

You simply punch in the mood/vibe that you're looking for (e.g. mellow, energetic, even melancholy!) and we show you restaurants, bars, movies and more that match what you're "in the mood to do tonight." 

Give moodfish a whirl and find what entertains your mood. 

Austin & Minneapolis
Our two beta launch cities! 

OpenTable & Fandango 
Make Dining reservations and buy your movie tickets without ever leaving Moodfish. 

Save, Share & Collaborate
Found some options that will always fit your "mellow" mood?  Sweet. Create your own shareable custom list of restaurants and bars.

Planned the perfect romantic date night? Share your itinerary with your friend or the world.  

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Moodfish Beta Features

Search Your Feelings
Ever wish you could just say "I'm in the mood for something mellow tonight" and just sit and wait while someone searches for all the mellow things to do and places to go around you?  

Guess what.... you can now do that with Moodfish - the world's first mood-based local search guide. 

Speaking of MoodRecipes, we've put together 3 themed MoodRecipes for you.

  • Sunny Day of Bliss
  • Romantic Date Night
  • Hot Sweaty Dance Night

It just doesn't get any easier, simpler or quicker than this.

Event Details
Find an interesting event?  Here's where things get fun. 

  • MoodMix Pulldown
  • OpenTable Reservations
  • Fandago Movie Tickets
  • RottenTomato Reviews
  • Yelp Reviews

Humans are terrible at remembering things. 

With Moodfish Itineraries, you can create saveable shareable custom Itineraries.  Want to save a list of your favorite mood-themed hotspots? No problem. Want to create an itinerary to YOUR perfect date night? We've got you covered.

Coming Soon

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About Us

Hi, we're Moodfish!  We're an Austin, Tx based startup and we're passionate about local live entertainment, whether it's dining, bars, movies, theatre, live music, or just something outdoors.  At Moodfish, our goal is to help you find the best things to do and places to go based on the vibe that you're looking for.

what you'll get: 

  • the latest in moodfish happenings
  • a special note the day moodfish mobile launches
  • a spot in our founders club
  • a special place in our heart
  • no spam. ever. seriously. ever. 

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Interested in joining our team?
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(e) whatsup@moodfish.com
(p) 512.686.3137

So What Is Moodfish?

When you're in the mood to go out, you can finally search by how you naturally think and feel about entertainment - by mood! Whether you`re in the mood for an intense night out, a chill day under the sun or a romantic date night, finding the perfect thing to do has never been simpler or easier. Think of us as your go-to best friend when your real life best friend has no idea what to do today. Email us whatsup@moodfish.com

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